Project Information

  • Team size: 45 (students, faculty, and staff both on camera and supporting the event)
  • Duration: Two months preparation, two days execution
  • Outlet: Twitch via XSplit Broadcaster




Extra Life is an organization that unites thousands of gamers across the world in a massive 24 hour gaming marathon to help support Children's Miracle Network hospitals. 45 SMU Guildhall students, faculty, and staff united to help put on an amazing stream over the course of two days featuring 14 different events and even a 48 hour game jam. The stream raised over $9000 for Children's Health Children's Miracle Network in two days!

System Diagram: I designed the system that we used for the stream and drew this diagram in Omnigraffle to document and communicate the design. The system features capacity for two separate staging areas to play games, along with an anchor desk.

Master Schedule: I created this schedule in Google Docs to coordinate the timing and efforts of everyone involved in the events over the course of the two days. The schedule doubled as a master contact list and a list of approved events for those who needed it.

Twitch Stream: We utilized SMU Guildhall's Twitch account to stream the event, and both 12 hour streams are available for viewing on their page.

My Responsibilities (Director)

  • Gathered volunteers and coordinated their efforts in preparation and during the event
  • Worked with our Programming Coordinator, Andrew Curley, to ensure that each group created fun, engaging events that fit our Seriously Silly" theme
  • Worked with SMU Guildhall and other SMU marketing channels to market the event and increase awareness
  • Designed and constructed the technical system that supported the event
  • Set up screen layout and worked with our Marketing Coordinator, Mario Rodriguez, to create on-screen assets
  • Operated the video and audio systems throughout the event, ensuring smooth transitions between segments

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