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Naoki Yoshida and the Revival of Final Fantasy XIV: Yoshida is the Producer and Director of SquareEnix's Final Fantasy XIV. In this short essay, I examine his turnaround of FFXIV into A Realm Reborn, and examine what lessons the case has for other producers.

LittleBigPlanet 2 Narrative Review: The LittleBigPlanet series is not renowned for its story. However, LBP2 has a charming story that highly complements the game's creative inspirations. Gold winner of the GDC 2016 Student Narrative Analysis competition.

Blog Posts

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What I Learned Working as a Game Designer to Become a Better Producer: I learned a lot about working with game designers by being one on Dawn. Selected as a featured post by the editors of

Making Meetings Quick and Effective: Everyone hates meetings! Let's work together to make them a bit more tolerable. Selected as a featured post by the editors of

Retrospective Blog: After holding a major retrospective with my team on Codex: The Lost Words of Atlantis, I wrote a blog post that discusses some of the major points in detail, and explains what we learned. Selected as a featured post by the editors of

Team Contracts: How To Quickly Build a Culture: Cultures are integral to the formation of a new team. Team Contracts provide a quick method for learning about what is important to team members.

Game Project Documentation

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Sprint Plan: Each sprint, I worked with the team to create a sprint plan detailing what the team needed to accomplish and how we planned to work. 

Product Backlog: I created the product backlog to track our progress, and I helped the team maintain it throughout the project.

Team Change E-Mail: Partway through the project, a team member transferred to another team. This e-mail is how I told my team the news.


Business Plan: As part of another class, I worked alongside the team to formulate a detailed business plan of how we would bring Kirie to life.

Playtest Report: For each formal playtest that we held, I worked with the team to create a report to record the feedback we received. 

Sprint Retrospective: At the end of each sprint, I led the team in a retrospective where we contemplated what we'd achieved, and discussed what we could do better for the next sprint.


Asset & Development Plan: I created an Asset & Development Plan to help guide the team, and hosted it on our Confluence Wiki that I set up. This is a PDF export of that plan from the end of my time on the project.

Asset Database: I set up an Airtable database for us to keep track of our assets in a simple and user-friendly way, and then linked that database to our wiki. This is a public, read-only version from the end of my time on the project. 

Weekly Status Report: I created a status report each week to keep my executive producer informed about what was going on in my project. The report contains a bullet point list of talking points for a 10 minute status meeting.